April 21

Make sense of your website and Social Media metrics.


Stop posting on Social Media! Forget about your website!

If you have a website and post on Social Media but have no idea how to check the metrics/insights/data then you are wasting time.

We all know that what we measure we can improve. The trick is knowing what to measure and what it means.

Google can help you collect data from your site and all the Social Platforms give you the data you need to know what is working and what you need to focus on.

Most business owners know they should be on Social Media but don’t necessarily know what is working and what isn’t. If they do take the time to check the Key Metrics they seldom understand them. I often hear that it takes too much time and all the different data is confusing.

To help my clients get their heads around the data I have been testing 2 bits of software to help monitor and measure the metrics – making it easier to see where to put your time and effort. They are online Dashboards.

Both bring the data into one place, making it easier to start calculating the Return on Investment of time and effort. Put together with data from your clients/customers when they sign up or buy we can then better map the client acquisition process and get a clearer picture of the true cost of acquiring a new client/customer. And most importantly we can see what is working and what is not. What we measure we can improve!

If you are looking for one place to track and measure your Web site data and Social Media data I suggest you check out:

  • Dasheroo – the entry level is free and allows you 2 Dashboards with 4 data points
  • Databox – the entry level is free and allows you 3 Databoards and 3 data sources

Some of the Data sources you may find it useful to track:

  • Google Search Console – this shows how your site is presented in Google Search so you can see what you are coming up for in search, what you are not coming up for and the position you are displayed. And who clicks through. This is a great way to see how your site and your content are performing in Search. 
  • Google Analytics – showing you how people find your site, what page they land on, what they then do on the site and where they drop off. Great to see what you are being found for and what gets attention and what does not. This is valuable data that helps you improve your site, SEO and content marketing.
  • Facebook and Instagram Business Page Insights – the data behind your Facebook and Instagram Business Pages so you can see what people engage with, how they engage with it and how this translates into Shares, Follows and Reach.
  • Twitter Analytics – for those that use Twitter this is great data to see what is working for you so you can do more of that!
  • Google Sheet – if you collect data on clients/customers when they sign up or buy then you can pull the data from a Google spreadsheet into your dashboards. For example if you ask clients/customers how they found you then you can track that data and compare it to the data from your site and social media.

These Dashboards help you take the data and make sense of it all. This will give you an insight into what is working well for you, what isn’t and how people find and engage with your site and content. These are valuable metrics so you can maximise the return on your time and effort. No more guesswork!

Have a great day.


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