Keeping things simple - we offer two services

The Thrive SartUp 1:1 Program

A done with you 6 months program they walks your through the steps and gives you the tools, coaching and advice you need to setup, put in place all you need, start winning clients and building a sustainable business.

The Thrive Accelerator 1:1 Program for Growth

A 12 months 1:1 program to help you take control of your business and grow it to the goals that suit you and your lifestyle. This program gives you the knowledge, tools and support to make the changes you need to make now.

How does it work?

  • Detailed audit of all aspects of your business to get started
  • A bespoke targeted Road-map for your business highlighting your Key Focus Areas based on objectives agreed at the first stage
  • A tailored plan for your business based on the Thrive Method
  • Fortnightly coaching support call providing coaching, advice and training
  • Access to our templates and all relevant videos online
  • Quarterly Board Meeting sessions
  • Trello based program management to help you keep on track and accountable
  • Full text and email support between calls

The bottom line is you get a partner fully invested in helping you get what you want from the process!

We use the 5 step Thrive Method, developed and perfected over 15 years, to help you see the wood from the trees and go from Struggle to Thriving!

Take Control

Take control of your business. Whether its StartUp of Growth you want you will learn what is needed next.

Have a plan that gives you clarity, confidence and certainty to move forward.

People and Systems

Put in place the people and systems you need to win clients and deliver great work. 

Build a business that does not need you in it so you get Freedom and Choice.

Plan & Scale

Create a marketing and sales plan and develop the knowledge and skills to execute on it. Learn how to get clients more easily.  

Free Yourself

Creat a business that is designed around what you want. Work on the parts of the business you really enjoy. No more grinding away all night and weekend on stuff you hate.

Catherine Bishop

He clearly has a lot of experience at working with accountants, and he's also great at understanding what differentiates my business from other accountancy firms, making helpful, no nonsense suggestions for improvement, and helping me to see and value my strengths.

Ready to take your business to the next level?