Showing business Owners how to scale up without Sacrificing their health, sanity or family

You actually can have all you want from your business without giving up what you want in your personal life.

This is what I do. It is what I love to do!

You are in the right place if you are looking for a specialist with over 15 years experience working with business from start up through to multi million pounds in revenue. Check out the testimonials from real business owners.

A 5 Stage System that is proven to work .

No BS sales pitch about shortcuts here.  The Thrive Method is a staged process developed to help business owners and has been proven by all the happy clients. We also have the best hacks and tools to support you on your journey.

Freedom and Time over Money

Money is great as it allows us to do all the things we want to do, give back in the world and build a future for our families. But Freedom, Time, Happiness is why so many of us got into business. That is what we help you achieve.

" He is an excellent sounding board to discuss ideas and challenges with, particularly in light of his experience in dealing with accountants. "

Isaac Hajioff


" Angus combined in-depth knowledge from his experience of helping accountants with a fresh way of looking at some of the issues I was dealing with."

Ian Corner


" great at understanding what differentiates my business from other accountancy firms, making helpful, no nonsense suggestions for improvement"

Catherine Bishop


What is Better Path About


Our focus is your growth and development. By simplifying systems and processes we show you what you need to do to grow.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales may not be your thing but we can show you what works, how to do it and how to convert leads into clients.

Service Delivery

Running your own business can be hard work. If you are constantly fire fighting then we will show you how to take control, get into flow and reduce your stress.

Strategic Planning

It is harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. You don't want to compete on price and you want to work with great clients. We help you do exactly that.

Leadership and Management

In business we only have limited control over what happens. Clients and the market place do what they want and the economy goes up and down. We teach you how to develop the resilience and tools to recruit the right people, build a great culture and become the version of you that you want to show up as.

Not my best look. Thanks YouTube! Stress is real and the pandemic

Time Management – the Key to Success in your Business One of

Lead generation for accountants – a critical part of a successful sales

The Story behind Better Path

A little over 15 years ago I opted to take redundancy from my well paying job as a manager in a multi national IT Services business in London. I gave up the job security, company car, benefits and a great salary - all for the uncertainty of running my own business. But I had a dream and a mighty big Why. I wanted to spend more time with my young children. And I wanted the freedom to choose my own path.

Coaching and training is my passion. People are my thing. I had spent 5 years in University specialising in all things people and organisations by studying for a Degree in Organisational and Industrial Psychology and Post Grad in Personnel Management.  This was followed by a detour into IT Systems Engineering before spending a few years as a manager operating in the competitive world of IT services in the City - working with some of the biggest names in Banking, Telecoms, Finance and Energy. 

After leaving the corporate world I spent my redundancy payout on training - studying and qualifying as a NLP Master Coach, Master Results Coach, Master Performance Coach and Business Consultant. I am a constant learner so that was just the beginning. The list has got a bit longer.

I launched into business and quickly got my first clients. Things looked great from the outside but I was soon stretched thin and I was in a cycle of always having to look for the next client. I was getting time with my kids but I often spent that time thinking and planning. I was not fully present. Business was a struggle. But I knew there had to be a better way.

After my first year slogging away I decided I needed to find the better way. I was good at my craft but I needed a better system for growing a strong business. Analysing and researching businesses in the UK I started to see patterns. Success has a process. It is a little different in each business but there are common threads. I pulled the threads together and created the Thrive Method - and saw my business take off!

Over the years I have refined the Thrive Method to accommodate the big changes in business and society. Using this method I have been lucky enough to help hundreds of business owners on a 1 to 1 basis to grow profitable, sustainable and fun businesses that serve them.

There is a way to have it all. It isn't always easy but it works.

Our Vision and Mission

Values and principles are at the foundation of any successful and sustainable business. Our Values are Client First, Always Reliable, Direct and Honest, Structured and Straighforward, Trigger Change, Simplify Concepts & Systems and Focus on What Works.

We are on a Mission to add value and make a difference to our clients and the world. To do this we have adopted 2 of the UN Sustainability Goals that speak to who we are. We have a head goal and a heart goal, both linked by what we do. We are dedicated to helping develop values based businesses that promote economic growth, provide employment and care about their communities and the world - Goal 8. Through this, and our personal actions, we are working to help reduce hunger in the world - Goal 2.

Main Benefits

Our business is about making it easier for you to grow your business and have fun doing it. We have developed the systems and tools so you don't have to spend countless hours trying to figure out what works.


We have done the work so you don't have to. We break down what works and why and then help you implement it.

You First

Our purpose when supporting you is to help you achieve your objectives. We are on your side and will do all we can to help.

Trigger Change 

We don't just tell you what needs to change. We help you with tools and systems that trigger change. We help you make it happen.

Systems and Process 

We believe simple is best to help you audit your business and implement simple but effective systems and processes. Repeatable systems that work.

Direct and Honest

Trust is critical in a process like this. So we commit to total honesty delivered in a direct and supportive way. No fluff - we are all about you.

What Works

We have worked with hundreds of businesses and know that "everything works but not everything works for everyone". We show you what works for you.

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Here to work with clients to achieve their goals by using a proven method to help them take control of their business, develop the plans and knowledge to scale up, implement the systems to free up time and start to have fun in business!


Coaching and Mentoring